Dr. Maneesh Singh

Maneesh SinghPostdoctoral Associate

Maneesh believes that therapy-resistant microenvironments represent a major barrier toward effective elimination of disseminated malignancies. His current project aims at using humanized mice system to understand resistance to antibody-based cancer therapy. Maneesh completed his doctorate from Immunology and Infectious Disease unit, University of Liege, Belgium. During his doctorate study, he explored different approaches to generate a reliable humanized mice system that can mimic HIV induced state of chronic immune activation. Maneesh has used this state of the art humanized mice platform to evaluate the efficacy of two novel immunomodulatory anti-HIV strategies. He has also previously worked as Project Research Fellow at Centre for Cellular and Molecular Biology (CCMB, Hyderabad, India), a premier research institute in South Asia. His work there elucidated the impact of genetic variation in HIV co-receptors and its ligands on epidemiology of the HIV/AIDS in Indian populations.

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